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    The more we expand the work of the Achievement Foundation, the more we realize how much greater is the need for economic education among our youth. Although the Foundation does not operate education programs directly, our strategy is to fund innovative programs while they are in the growth stage. In some respects, the Foundation operates in an entrepreneurial fashion, testing new ideas in the marketplace of young people. The Achievement Foundation benefited from the economic expansion of the past years. However, recent market turmoil has shown that we cannot rely solely on our investments to grow the Foundation. A significant portion of our assets are restricted funds and can only be used in areas prescribed by their donors. A strong and diverse financial base is crucial if the Foundation is to maintain a credible effort to fund programs successfully. We ask you to consider supporting the activities of the Achievement Foundation and its efforts to increase the understanding of the free enterprise system by young people. Financial support of its programs can be provided in several ways, such as:
    • Corporate Sponsorships
    • Private Donations
    • Planned Giving
    • Appreciated Assets or Stocks
    For more information or to make a contribution, contact the Achievement Foundation at PO Box 293, Watertown, CT 06795, phone (860) 613-0315 or email STAFF Paul Brady, Executive Director (

    Achievement Foundation, Inc.
    PO Box 293, Watertown, CT 06795

    Phone 860.613.0315